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Eleanor Clift
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Renowned Political Journalist and Author; Contributing Editor, Newsweek Magazine

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District Of Columbia
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$7,500 - $10,000

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Respected political reporter, author and analyst, Eleanor Clift writes about the Washington power structure, the influence of women in politics and other complex, contemporary issues; she is currently assigned to follow the jockeying over policy and politics in a divided Congress, where the two parties share power and where President Obama faces major opposition.

Clift brings her unique perspective and exceptional insight to analyze what lessons Obama and the empowered Republicans have learned, and how both sides are gearing up for the 2016 presidential election. Her column, "Capitol Letter," is posted each Friday on and she is a regular panelist on the sometimes combative, always entertaining syndicated talk show The McLaughlin Group.

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    Eleanor Clift On The House Race In Arizona

    Ron Barber and Martha McSally are in a heated race for the House of Representatives in Arizona, in Gabrielle Gifford's former district.  McSally has ran an aggressive television campaign, where she boasts about her multiple tours in combat as a former Air Force Fighter Pilot.  However, those TV ads may or may not be enough to convince the voters to elect McSally, as Barber is a former staff member of the popular Giffords, who survived an attempted assassination in 2011.  The voters will have the ultimate say in the coming election. 

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