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Eric Chester
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Foremost Expert on Employing Younger Workers; Acclaimed Author, Getting Them to Give a Damn

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No one has a better understanding of the new generation of young workers than Eric Chester. He is the premier expert on Generation Why and, in fact, he coined the term. For over two decades, Eric has been speaking to and working with Generation Why youth. He has addressed more than two million high school and college students, authored nine books for teens, and is dialed-in to the mindset of this burgeoning generation. Eric frequently appears on national media and is interviewed in major publications to provide insight and perspective to business leaders, owners, and operators on the topic.

Eric is the founder & President of Generation Why, Inc., a training and consulting firm helping leading companies and organizations recruit, train, manage, motivate, and retain the very best of this new generation. In his highly informative, exciting and revealing presentations, Eric provides savvy insight on this generation's set of attitudes, values, beliefs, and expectations and shines a light on strategies to gain allegiance and loyalty from this most challenging of all demographics.

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