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Jason Lezak
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Four-Time Olympic Medalist, World Champion and World Record Holder for Fastest 100m Relay Split in Swimming

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Considered today as one of the most athletic and energetic personalities in the sport of swimming, Jason Lezak was virtually unknown in the swimming world in 1998, when he lit up the U.S. Nationals competition and won his first Nationals title in the 100 Freestyle. In 2000, Jason went on to win a gold and silver medal at the Sydney Olympic Games and, two years later, became the top-ranked sprinter in the world. At the 2004 Olympics, Jason took gold in a world-record-breaking swim in the 4 x 100m medley relay and bronze in the 4x100m freestyle.

By now a seasoned veteran, Jason took his place on the U.S. team one more time when he qualified for Beijing's 2008 Olympics. At 32, he was the oldest man on the U.S. swim team and a tri-captain. Jason anchored the U.S. men's 400-meter freestyle relay team to a come-from-behind victory, stealing gold from the French and swimming the fastest 100-meter relay split ever -- at a searing 46.06 seconds. Jason also dominated the last leg of the 4x100m men's medley relay, winning gold for his team and securing Michael Phelps' record-setting eighth gold medal for a single Olympics Games.

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