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Jeanne Robertson

Award-Winning Humorist and Hall of Fame Speaker; Popular Radio Personality and Author

North Carolina
$10,000 - $15,000

Business | Campus & University | Diversity | Entertainment | Healthcare & Wellness | Keynote Speaker | Lifestyle | News & Media | Spouse Programs | Women's Issues | WWSG Favorites


Jeanne Robertson specializes in hilarious humor based on her life experiences. With all the challenges businesses have today, Jeanne knows it takes a good sense of humor to thrive. She also knows that as a professional humorist, her job is far more than "being funny." Her goal is to inform, encourage and impart wisdom from her own life.

Jeanne's message is that a sense of humor is an attitude, an approach toward working with people. She believes that this humor attitude can be developed and improved, and she outlines how to do so while she mesmerizes her audiences with hilarious reality-based stories from her experiences.