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Jeffrey E. Garten, Ph.D
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Juan Trippe Professor in the Practice of International Trade, Finance and Business at and Former Dean of the Yale School of Management; Chairman, Garten Rothkopf

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Jeffrey E. Garten's vast credentials, reputation and experience make him one of very few business experts placed firmly at the crossroads of economics and foreign policy. Garten is the Juan Trippe Professor in the Practice of International Trade, Finance and Business at the Yale School of Management and was the dean of the school for the previous decade. Specializing in global business and finance, his courses include "Understanding Global Financial Centers," "Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy and Politics," "China in the Global Economy" and "Leading a Global Company," which examines a dozen premier corporations and is jointly taught with the CEO or Chairman of each company.

Prior to joining Yale, Garten served as U.S. undersecretary of commerce for international trade in the Clinton administration, where he revitalized the government's efforts to help U.S. companies gain access to foreign markets as well as focus the nation's trade policy on emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil.

Earlier, Garten spent 13 years on Wall Street, specializing in debt restructuring in Latin America, building up his firm's investment banking business in Asia, working on global mergers and acquisitions and restructuring some of the world's largest shipping companies in Hong Kong. At the podium, he draws on his extensive government service and exceptional corporate experience to analyze the commercial, political and financial implications of a globalized economy.

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