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Jenny Evans

Founder & CEO, PowerHouse Performance; Esteemed Exercise Physiologist & Expert on Stress, Resilience, and Performance

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Ms. Evans is a speaker, author and on-air expert on resiliency, stress, performance, exercise physiology, nutrition and health. She is the founder and CEO of PowerHouse Performance and author of the best-selling book The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life—60 Seconds at a Time. Working with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders and employees worldwide, her dynamic presentations inspire and educate audiences to increase their capacity for stress and to recover from it more quickly and effectively. Clients improve their performance and productivity, all while enhancing their health. Jenny’s corporate client list includes Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder Companies, Yale School of Management, AT&T, Target, Comcast, Nationwide, Ameriprise Financial and many other Fortune 500 companies. She is also the creator of PowerHouse Hit the Deck™—the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing fitness.

Further, Jenny serves on many advisory boards, writes as a blogger for The Huffington Post and was NBC KARE 11’s Health & Fitness expert for over four years. She has also been featured on National Public Radio,,, as well as in Shape, Elle, Women’s Health, Redbook and Woman’s World.

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 20 years. In her spare time she is a competitive athlete, races duathlons and is an aerial arts performer.

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    How to Channel Your Inner Caveman to Fight Stress

    By: Lisa Evans

    (Entrepreneur) – We all know the costs of stress – to our health, our personal relationships, happiness and productivity. Despite our best efforts to avoid stress, it seems an inevitable part of our workday and our lives. Jenny Evans, stress and performance expert and CEO of PowerHouse Performance, says while we may not be able to avoid stress completely, we can train ourselves to become immune to stress’ negative effects.

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    (Fast Company) – Tired of boring, soul sucking meetings? The truth is, they’re not only monotonous and tiring—they’re sapping your resiliency.

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    2 Easy Changes That Will Stress-Proof Your Brain

    By: Minda Zetlin

    (Inc.) – Let's face it–stress isn't going anywhere. "We talk about how to reduce stress," saysJenny Evans, a frequent speaker on stress and resiliency, and author of The Resiliency rEvolution. "The reality is, nobody's job is going to be asking less of them next year. And nobody's family is going to be asking less of them either."

    So while we may wish to cut out the stress in our lives, the truth is we can't, she says. "Our only other option is to train our bodies to recover from it more efficiently." Fortunately, we can do that and it's easier than you might think. It comes down to two simple but effective changes:

You can’t eradicate stress, but you can train your body to transform how you handle it. As part of the rEvolution, you are going to learn there are positive aspects to the stress response and how to  use them to your advantage. You will understand and implement ways to get your brain and body to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently, as well as to raise your threshold for it.

You will discover how the brain responds to stress and change, and how to design and carry out a successful training plan that will work for the long term. You will also learn how to eat and move in ways that correct your chemistry and make you more resilient. Best of all, the steps are simple, quick and easy, making resiliency infinitely doable in an always on, 24/7 environment, without adding additional stress.

Joining the rEvolution means you will be able to realize your full potential and perform your absolute best, professionally and personally, in the face of stress. And if these benefits aren’t enough, your health will improve, you will have more energy, you will sleep better and you can lose weight.

Why do we vow each morning to eat healthier, exercise regularly, go to bed earlier, or drink less, only to find ourselves going back on our promises by the end of the day or week? Committing to a complete lifestyle overhaul creates stress, which makes us seek the comfort and security of habits and routines, often times the very ones we are trying to change. We are also living and working in environments that require us to act in complete opposition to how we are hardwired to function. Human survival has long hinged on both getting and conserving as much energy as possible: eat as much as you can, while you can, and don’t expend energy unnecessarily. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to resist eating high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods that are available at every turn. Making ourselves move and get regular exercise in environments that don’t require it also drains willpower. Willpower is a limited resource and becomes depleted very quickly and easily.

This program will teach you how to successfully make long-term lifestyle changes. Instead of experiencing stress, frustration and eventual failure, you will feel the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from the success of positive, new behaviors that enhance your resiliency, performance and health. You will understand how the brain and body respond to change and create a strategic plan that works in any environment. Instead of only using the conscious part of your brain, you will also enroll the unconscious portion, creating a plan that uses 100% of your brain instead of only 50%. You will create a system of optimal defaults that make behavior change automatic, and you will soon be on your way to  a healthier, more resilient life.

In the workplace, confidence matters as much as ability—the higher the confidence, the higher the performance. Confidence is the foundation for becoming a strong leader, pursuing challenge, taking risk and putting one’s self in positions to learn and grow. Lack of confidence drives risk aversion and makes employees less willing to pursue challenges. Businesses lose out on innovation, productivity and strong leadership, while individuals miss out on opportunity, career advancement and personal development.

Lack of confidence not only holds women back, it holds companies back. According to one of the most comprehensive business case studies ever conducted, companies that perform best financially have the greatest numbers of women in leadership roles.i Yet statistics suggest that lack of confidence is holding women back from leadership opportunities. While more than 50 percent of women hold college degreesii and close to 40 percent have MBAsiii, they comprise less than 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positionsiv and only about 15 percent of senior executive positions.v Improved confidence allows women to step into and excel in these roles.

While there is no shortage of information around The Confidence Gap in the workplace, there is shockingly little on what to DO about it. That is why this program is essential.

Building confidence in one aspect of our lives transfers to all of them. Training in the following areas creates confidence and competence that can be applied to one’s professional life.

  • Confidence is influenced by how well we know our values and purpose. When we lack clarity, we typically lack confidence as well. It is difficult to feel confident in our abilities when we are uncertain about why and how we make decisions. But once we truly understand ourselves, then our decisions will naturally align with our ideals. We will grow in confidence as we learn to trust our internal locus rather than be swayed by external forces.

  • Confidence is shaped by what we consume. What we watch, listen to and read can make us feel either positive and empowered or inadequate and insecure. Unfortunately, much of the information we “eat” is junk, filling us with empty “calories” and making us weak. In order to build confidence, we must provide our minds with nourishing input.

  • Confidence is affected by recovery. Our days are filled with incessant obligations and habitual time wasters. How can we feel confident when it seems we are not doing enough or not doing it well enough? Recovery means granting ourselves permission to refuel and recharge. Only then will there be time and space for confidence to grow.

  • Confidence is linked to our physical being. In particular, we can use movement in strategic ways to connect and change. Our movement needs vary from day to day and person to person. Gentle forms of movement help us center and connect to the inner power within us. More challenging types of movement allow us to build grit and tenacity—if it doesn’t challenge us, it doesn’t change us.

Confidence comes from taking action. This interactive and engaging program teaches women how to develop daily practices that embolden confidence and competence in the workplace and beyond, thus helping companies to have their female employees unleash their untapped potential. Rich with discussion and inner reflection, this course utilizes the wisdom and experiences of the entire group. Attendees leave with personalized plans for taking action in the interrelated areas of inner reflection, thoughtful consumption, strategic movement and regular recovery.