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Kaplan Mobray

Preeminent Leadership Coach and Motivation Expert; Acclaimed Author, The 10Ks of Personal Branding

New York
$7,500 - $10,000

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Kaplan Mobray, award-winning author, thought leader, career coach and motivational speaker, is recognized as one of the nation's leading career experts and an authority on personal branding. With over fifteen years of experience leading corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies, Kaplan teaches organizations how to develop inspired leaders, increase employee engagement and productivity and unify diverse workforces for greater teamwork and company growth.

Extolled as truly life-changing events, Mobray's engaging presentations provide practical strategies to help individuals succeed in all aspects of life. His energy and creative insight empower audiences and inspire immediate action to accelerate personal and professional achievement. Unique, innovative, and thought provoking, Mobray's principles and tactics have been embraced by companies and business leaders worldwide as essential and effective tools for success in today's complex workplace.

  • 10K's Of Personal Branding: Focusing On The Brand Called You, How to Make Yourself Memorable and Build a Brand that Elevates Your Career!
  • 10Ls of Leadership: Maximizing Your Leadership Qualities to become a Leader Others Want to Follow and Knowing how to lead right where you are!
  • 10 N's Of Networking: How to Optimize Your Networking Style to Create Lasting Opportunities
  • 10Ps of Public Speaking: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking with Confidence and Mastery
  • 10T's Of Time Management: How to Use Time as a Strategic Partner!
  • How to Think on Your Feet and Generate Ideas That Win!
  • Effective Corporate Marketing: How to Make your Brand Message Sing the Right Song with Customers
  • Stop the Head Counting: Making Diversity an Engine for Growth and Innovation in your Organization