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Lisa Bodell
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Founder & CEO, futurethink; Award-Winning Vanguard in Innovation and Futuring; Acclaimed Author, Kill the Company

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New York
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$40,001 - $60,000

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Lisa Bodell is the founder and CEO of futurethink, an award-winning innovation research and training firm that helps businesses embrace change and become world-class innovators. Bodell founded futurethink on the premise that everyone has the power to innovate"they just need the knowledge and tools to know how. She has spent years working with hundreds of leading innovators to create the largest catalog of innovation research and tools in the world, and the most in-depth training curricula on innovation anywhere. The company's cutting-edge courses were featured as the winner of the 2011 Chief Learning Officer Gold Award for Excellence in Content.

Bodell is globally recognized as a leader and pioneer in the field of futuring and innovation"bringing clarity to an otherwise complicated topic. She created the widely-adopted SIPC Innovation Framework (STRATEGY, IDEAS, PROCESS, CLIMATE), which has helped innovators around the world easily embrace innovation by providing a clear method that breaks innovation down into manageable parts.

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