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Maria Teresa Kumar

Host of MSNBC’s Changing America; President & CEO, Voto Latino; Emmy Nominated MSNBC Contributor; Pioneering Thought Leader on Diversity and Demographic Opportunities

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Lauded as one the most influential American Latinos under 40 and as among the top Latinas in Government and Politics, Maria Teresa (Petersen) Kumar is the founding Executive Director of Voto Latino, a leading national civic engagement organization targeting acculturated American Latino youth.

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The host of Changing America on MSNBC’s new streaming portal, as well as an MSNBC political analyst and regular commentator on several MSNBC programs including HardBall with Chris Matthews and Morning Joe, Maria Teresa Kumar has her fingers firmly on the pulse of many of the hottest, most discussed political issues of the day. 

Lauded as one the most influential American Latinos under 40, and as among the top Latinas influencing Government and Politics, Maria Teresa is the founding President and CEO of Voto Latino, a leading national civic engagement organization targeting acculturated American Latino youth. Under her leadership, Voto Latino has become a key factor in national elections having directly registered over a quarter-million new voters and influencing millions more through innovative, viral, celebrity-driven social initiatives. 

Maria Teresa’s expertise and intimate understanding of the Latino population and culture within the U.S. has made her an invaluable resource – not only to political movements, but to the business community as well. Organizations seeking to cater to this demographically desirable consumer base, with enormous purchasing power, often turn to her for advice.  In her compelling, well-researched presentations, Kumar offers audiences deep insight into a range of topics including the latest political hot button issues, the importance of workplace diversity, the need to cultivate one of the largest consumer groups in the U.S., and what the demographics of this group mean for elections and legislative agendas moving forward.

From immigration to education, economic policy, voter registration, and congressional redistricting, these are just a few of the many paramount issues that come to mind when discussing perhaps the most dramatic shift in American demographic.  Few people are more informed and better equipped to speak on the changing landscape of American society – and most importantly, what it means for political campaigns, elections, economic prosperity, and business growth – than Maria Teresa Kumar.  Highly sought out by business leaders, economic advisors, and campaign managers alike, Kumar shares with audiences her deep understanding of these issues, and how to successfully navigate through such unprecedented change.

With over $1.3 trillion dollars in purchasing power and a young, desirable demographic the growth opportunities for businesses are staggering.  Kumar shares with audiences how this increasingly bi-lingual, 50 million plus Latino population within the U.S. presents enormous possibilities for organizations.  Kumar illuminates audiences on how to embrace, cultivate, and cater to this unparalleled consumer base – and why organizations that do, will be far more prosperous than those that do not.

In this well-informed, lively, and compelling presentation, Kumar addresses many of the issues driving our national discussion. From the ever-changing demographics in the U.S., to the business, economic, and political ramifications of such a shift.  A reflection of her MSNBC show by the same name, Kumar engages audiences on some of the most important political, social, and economic topics facing us today.

Named by Fast Company as among the most 100 Creative Minds in Business Worldwide for her unique use of technology, media and celebrity to make transformative change and mobilizing the fastest growing group of Americans, Maria Teresa Kumar intimately understands how to utilize innovative approaches to build movements and bring people together.  Under her leadership, Voto Latino launched the first ever national mobile voter registration campaign and directly registered over a quarter-million voters, while influencing countless more, during the 2008 election.   In this presentation, Kumar shares with audiences how to utilize social networks, technology, and other viral sharing resources to build and maintain buzz – whether for products, services, campaigns, or social causes.

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