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National Political Columnist, Yahoo; Former Chief Political Correspondent, the New York Times Magazine; Distinguished Thought Leader and Acclaimed Author

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One of the best known and most respected political writers in the country, he served for more than a decade as chief political correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, covering three presidential campaigns and interviewing every major politician of the day. He also wrote the paper's "Political Times" column in print and online. Then, at the end of 2013, Bai surprised Washington by announcing he was leaving the Times to become the national political columnist at Yahoo News, the most trafficked website in America " making him the first senior political writer at the Times to jump full-force into the digital frontier.

Bai often explores issues of generational change in American politics and society. However,he doesn't simply record political history --Bai offers astute intellect and acumen on where it's headed and an unbiased worldview that appeals to independent thinkers. His seminal cover stories in the magazine include the 2008 cover essay "Is Obama the End of Black Politics" and a 2004 profile of John Kerry titled "Kerry's Undeclared War." More recently, he wrote a definitive cover story on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and a 10,000-word cover piece titled "Who Killed the Debt Deal" His work has twice been honored in The Best American Political Writing. Informative, engaging, candid and witty, Bai provides audiences with unparalleled perspective and expertise on today's most complex political issues.

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