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Paco Underhill
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Founder and CEO, Envirosell Inc.; Bestselling Author, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

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New York
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$15,000 - $25,000

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Paco Underhill is Founder and CEO of Envirosell Inc., a global research and consulting firm specializing in studying retail and service environments. It has become the principal testing agent for prototype stores and bank branches across the globe as Paco and his colleagues have spent more than 25 years conducting research on the interaction between people, places, services and things. Paco helps companies understand what motivates the behaviors of today's consumer. His research shows how today's retail world is ruled by factors such as gender, "trial and touch" and human anatomy. His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, has been published in 27 languages and has sold more copies than any other retail book in history.

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