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Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; Former Deputy Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration

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Scott Gottlieb, MD is a practicing physician and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, and economics.

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Andrew Wilkow: Dr. Scott Gottlieb - Obamacare

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Scott Gottlieb, MD is a practicing physician and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, and economics. A leading expert in health policy, Dr. Gottlieb's work focuses on providing insights into the economic, regulatory and technological forces driving the transformation of healthcare today.

From 2005-2007, Dr. Gottlieb served as FDA Deputy Commissioner and before that, from 2003-2004, as a senior advisor to the FDA Commissioner and as the FDA's Director of Medical Policy Development. He left FDA in the spring of 2004 to work on implementation of the Medicare Drug Benefit as a Senior Adviser to the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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    Applying to Zika the Forgotten Lessons of Ebola

    Panic turns to complacency when the threat subsides. That’s no way to handle potential pandemics.

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    FDA Needs To Change How It Regulates Novel Technologies

    (Forbes) – I spoke before a meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research in Berkeley, Calif., this week, addressing the need for the Food and Drug Administration to adapt how it approaches pre-market regulation in order to properly address very novel areas of technology like gene editing and cell and gene therapy.

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    The Coming Government Takeover of Drug Pricing

    (The Wall Street Journal) – ObamaCare provides the tools for a unilateral move against the industry the left loves to demonize.

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    Private Health Plan Rates Are Set To Spike Next Year

    By Dr. Scott Gottlieb

    (Forbes) – It isn’t just Obamacare premiums that are set to spike next year.

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    Dr. Scott Gottlieb says Hillary Clinton’s plan to lower drug costs is ‘misdirected’

    (Becker’s Hospital Review) – What [Ms. Clinton] fails to comprehend is that the high drug prices she decries aren’t the result of market forces gone wild. Rather, they are the result of bad regulation that has created market failures and shortages

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    Patients face dwindling choices

    (Republican American) – The number of distinct health-plan choices people have at work, or even on the Obamacare exchanges, has shrunk under the Obama presidency.

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    Closing the Planned Parenthood Loophole

    By Scott Gottlieb
    (The Wall Street Journal) – Whatever your stance on abortion, it’s clear the laws governing fetal tissue don’t work—and should be fixed.

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    A Practical Plan For Replacing Obamacare

    The Walker Plan reverts regulation of insurance back to the states, enabling a much wider range of networks, coverage, and plan design. Consumers will get a real choice again.

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    How the Affordable Care Act is reducing competition

    By Scott Gottlieb, MD

    (The Wall Street Journal) – The urge to merge is sweeping managed health care. Aetna announced Friday a $37 billion deal to acquire Humana. Anthem and Cigna are in merger talks and could be next. The national for-profit insurers are on an anxious mission to consolidate. These combinations will sharply reduce competition and consumer choice, as five big insurers shrink, probably, to three.

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    Health care’s urge to merge: Gottlieb on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb discusses his recent article in <em>The Wall Street Journal</em> about “How the Affordable Care Act is Reducing Competition”

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    How The Feds Discourage Prescription Drug Competition

    There’s a growing refrain among those who pay for healthcare services that they want new products to deliver more value… Drugs that deliver more bang for the buck.

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    The Clintonian Roots of Obamacare

    An article by Scott Gottlieb tracing the similarities between the Affordable Care Act and the various healthcare proposals advanced by Secretary Hillary Clinton over the past two decades of her career.

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    Drug pricing drives debates at BIO convention

    PHILADELPHIA: Philadelphia this week welcomed 15,000 healthcare professionals from more than 70 countries to the annual BiO International Convention, the largest global event for the biotechnology industry.

    Scott Gottlieb, resident fellow of think tank American Enterprise Institute, offered a timeline on scientific discovery. While it took the world 300 years to grasp how germs cause disease, now the “breakneck speed” of discoveries is measured in months. The biggest impediment to innovation, in Gottlieb’s mind, is the policy obstacles that prevent experimentation with how drugs are priced and contracted.

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    The Quickening Pace Of Medical Progress And Its Discontents

    An article written by Scott Gottlieb, MD featured in Forbes on the “creative destruction is an increasingly prominent feature of modern medical practice.” 

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    Do the FDA’s Regulations Governing Medical Devices Need to Be Overhauled?

    By: Thomas M. Burton
    (The Wall Street Journal) – Most products get to market via a fast-track process; three experts debate whether the current system makes sense.

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    How Not to Bungle an ObamaCare Opening

    by Scott Gottlieb & Tevi Troy
    (WSJ) – Republican congressional leaders were wise to propose an alternative to the Affordable Care Act this week, as the Supreme Court may strike down a key provision of the law after hearing King v. Burwell next month. The case involves subsidies to individuals who purchase health insurance on federal exchanges. The plaintiffs—four individuals who don't want to be forced to buy ObamaCare—argue that under the explicit terms of the ACA, subsidies enabling that purchase can only be distributed in exchanges "established by the State." The court is expected to rule by the end of June, and the plaintiffs have a good chance of convincing a majority that the subsidies are unlawful.

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    Scott Gottlieb on How Obamacare’s Bad Math Will Force Insurers To Downgrade Earnings

    Some of the biggest health insurers are baking faulty math into their earnings forecasts by factoring in payments from Uncle Sam that may never materialize.

    Two events this week could force a reckoning between their wishful arithmetic and common auditing standards – forcing insures to downgrade their earnings.

    At issue are risk-sharing arrangements contained in Obamacare that are meant to help offset losses insures might take as the program gets started. Collectively, these programs have become known as “the three Rs” because of their three elements.

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    How Obama’s FDA Keeps Generic Drugs Off the Market

    (The Wall Street Journal) – A flurry of new regulations is raising production costs and reducing competition for branded drugs.

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