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Tom DeFrank
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Award-Winning Political and White House Journalist; Washington Bureau Chief, New York Daily News

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District Of Columbia
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$1,000 - $7,500

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One of Washington's most respected President-watchers, Tom DeFrank is an award-winning journalist and author who has covered the White House since the Nixon administration. ABC News calls him "impeccably sourced," "well-connected" and "legendary," and the American Journalism Review named him "one of the unsung heroes of Washington journalism."

DeFrank was Newsweek's White House correspondent for 25 years and is currently Washington bureau chief of the New York Daily News. He co-authored the memoirs of Secretary of State James Baker and has reported on the resignation of one President, the impeachment of a second, and was an eyewitness to two assassination attempts against a third. President Gerald R. Ford called DeFrank "one of the finest journalists I have ever known. Everyone I know feels the same way: you are fair, trustworthy and professional."

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