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Vicki Hitzges

Top Motivation and Communication Expert; Acclaimed Author, Attitude is Everything

$7,500 - $10,000

Business | Campus & University | Diversity | Healthcare & Wellness | Inspirational & Motivational | Keynote Speaker | Spouse Programs | Women's Issues | WWSG Favorites


Some speakers entertain. Some inspire. Vicki does both and more. She makes people laugh. Or cry. She makes them think. She galvanizes, energizes, electrifies. And when the meeting's over, Vicki's presentation keeps working. Her inspiration, perspectives and strategies are lasting tools that can reshape the way a workforce interacts and achieves.

Vicki started out as a reporter and interviewer, where she developed a talent for talking to anyone about anything and received the National Press Club's prestigious Headliner Award. Since making the transition into public speaking, Vicki has achieved numerous milestones. She was the first female speaker ever invited to address the California Business Leadership Summit. The following year, she was invited back as a special guest to meet the second female speaker, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She's spoken to enthusiastic audiences across the United States as well as in Canada, Thailand, Panama and New Zealand.

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  • Jazz Up Turn Loose
  • Baby Take Off Your Stress, You Can Leave Your Hat On
  • Here I Am? There You Are
  • One Bold Voice, Two Shaky Knees
  • Old Dogs? New Tricks
  • Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are Trees Out There!