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Watts Wacker

Futurist and Visionary Thought-Leader; Global Consultant; Founder & CEO, FirstMatter

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Watts Wacker is one of the most celebrated and influential minds in modern business: lecturer, bestselling author, political commentator and - one of the world’s most respected futurists since 1986.

By embracing the essence of being and becoming, his unique ability to question the past, future and present has made him a world-renowned professional speaker, consultant and futurist for the past 30 years.

His uncommon versatility and vision have allowed him to consult the world’s top corporations and organizations to navigate the sea of change that is taking hold in the new millennium. Watts was the Futurist at SRI International (the legendary Menlo Park think tank) and spent 10 years as the resident Futurist at Yankelovich Partners. He is heralded as one of the best storytellers alive today.

Millennials see the latest version of a smart phone

as having more status than owning a car. Even Baby

Boomers (who already have all the ‘stuff’ one could

ever imagine) are seeing that being in attendance at

key “events“ has more impression than a super-duper

car. The Epoch of consumption reached its acme

in the 1970s.

25 years ago there was not a single business school

or college university economics department that had

a tenured professor of Behavioral Economics. Today

they all have several. “Behavior” is now a science onto

itself. As various disciplines mashed-up, ”behavior

+ economics” was born as a discipline. Behavioral

Economics has proven that there is something in life

called a “fairness factor”. People do not make all of

their personal economic decisions to maximize their

own wellbeing.

Neuroscience will be a new wave. The dominate

science in the ‘Industrial Era’ was chemistry, during

the ‘information era’ it was physics and today it is

biology (especially the brain). Artificial reality is now a

given. Moore’s Law just keeps rocking along. Artificial

intelligence is hard to bet against… and I haven’t even

brought up cloning yet.

Ever thought about having the right to vote against

someone as opposed to voting for someone? Literally

taking a vote away from someone. People will engage

the political process in a greater degree over the next

20 years. The 2 party system (in America) may have

seen it’s best days (I have been saying this long before

“super-celebrity candidates” have shown up).

Business is now outside the bounds of law. Laws do

not get created to keep up with the pace of business.

And, who really knows what Google is, let alone does.

Google is a ‘lawless company’. Water will be a huge

issue. New allies will reorder things. Australia had spent

it’s entire existence being seen as relevant to the West.

No more: Australia has “turned east”. Brazil’s biggest

trading partner is China. Does anybody still think that

terrorists will not detonate a dirty bomb?

A company can no longer differentiate themselves

by what they do. They must differentiate themselves

by who they are.

Every person is a content creator and a broadcaster.

“I am the media.” – Watts Wacker

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  • “One of 21 socially important people we selected to make a prediction for the 21st century.” -The Science Channel

  • “On our list of the 50 most influential business thinkers in the world.” -Financial Times

  • “When government gets serious about reinventing, Watts will be in the president’s cabinet.” Fast Company