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Clients that partner with WWSG trust that their events will be a success.We know this because our team studies markets, trends, and new best practices in just about every industry and region to make sure we understand every client’s context so we can make their event a success.

Our team is a collection of highly experienced agents dedicated to finding you the right speaker, managing that speaker, creating contingency plans, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

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"The consistent professionalism and quality for the way Worldwide Speakers Group handles events shows that they think of each detail and every contingency beforehand."

The Honorable Newt Gingrich (WWSG Exclusive)

"After 20 years in the lecture series business, WWSG has become a valued partner. We produce over 24 speaking events a year, and have worked with dozens of agencies. We appreciate WWSG’s unparalleled professionalism, integrity and creativity in suggesting speakers that were unique to the speaker circuit. They provide us well-prepared and informed speakers who understand our expectations and unique format. With WWSG, we know that the speaker fees are fair and trust that the event will be a success."

Sue Swan, Co-Founder, The Distinguished Speaker Series of Southern California
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