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FAQs > What Costs Should I Expect and Where Can I Save?

Typical expenses include SPEAKING FEE and TRAVEL related expenses

Typical expenses include the speaking fee, flight expenses, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation, meals and tips. Airfare expenses are usually for first class or full coach. Some speakers also offer travel and expense flat-fee alternatives to cover all of their typical, event related expenses.

Booking speakers located CLOSE to event can save travel costs

Travel costs are one of the expenses related to booking speakers and finding a speaker close to your event is one way to save costs. For instance, we have hundreds of speakers located nearby popular event cities including: Washington, D.C.; New York; Las Vegas; Boston; Chicago; Phoenix; San Diego; San Francisco; Miami; and Seattle, to name a few. We commonly take this into consideration and highlight cost saving opportunities when we present you with your speaker options

More AFFORDABLE SPEAKER OPTIONS for the “next” hot speaker

More affordable speaker options is one of the best, hidden “gems” of the industry. We’re in the speaker business so we get to see which speakers are wowing audiences and are on a meteoric rise – and which ones are more affordable than others. These more affordable speakers are sometimes best-selling authors or living in the news but, often, they’re captivating and connecting with audiences on levels exponentially beyond what most speakers do. Again, when we present various speaker options, you’ll get to hear which great speakers may cost less…an added advantage for any event planner.

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