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NEW WWSG EXCLUSIVE: The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Worldwide Speakers Group is proud to announce exclusive representation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for speaking and other related professional engagements.

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper served as Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister from 2006 to 2015, the longest-serving Conservative Leader to hold this office since Canada’s founding Prime Minister in 1891. For nearly ten years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper led Canada through the world’s most complex geopolitical, economic and security challenges. Known for a frank and assertive leadership style while in the world’s top forums such as the G-7 and G-20, Nato, and the United Nations, he was defined by his diplomacy, disciplined economic policy, strong stance on international peace and security, and his passionate defense of freedom and human dignity.

While he is mostly sought-out for his invaluable insight on global matters and his leadership experience, Prime Minister Harper offers audiences a different outlook on business operations, policy leaders, and how to secure the “best path forward in a dangerous world”.

As a speaker, Prime Minister Harper can address a variety of topics including:

  • The unique perspective of a trained economist on how the democratic world can reestablish leadership
  • How to navigate today’s economic issues without risking long-term economic sustainability
  • Geopolitical pressures that are shaping the global economy and the future of global trading relationships
  • The general assessment of what the West is doing right and wrong, and how foreign policy leaders can secure the path forward in a dangerous and multi-polar world

Please contact us to learn more about Prime Minister Harper or to check availability.

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