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10 Mind-Altering Business Books from 2014

(original source Huffington Post) 

As founder of ad agency StrawberryFrog, I read a lot of business books to try to keep up with the newest thinking and fresh ideas. Trouble is, many business books just confirm what you knew already. Rare is the title that truly shifts your thinking and opens your mind to new possibilities. The following 10 books (with a few honorable mentions at the end) do just that. Some you’ve no doubt heard of already; a few are under-appreciated gems. All are worth reading, even in a time when we all have too much to read.

CREATIVITY INC: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration 
by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace
The inside details of creating a “sustainable creative culture”–as Ed Catmull did at Pixar–are fascinating to anyone running a business. The book helpfully provides a list of the “Starting Points for Managing a Creative Culture,” and is full of revealing Pixar anecdotes and great quotes from Steve Jobs. But the transformative lesson is this: To thrive in a creative business, you must tap into the collective brainpower of all your people. Catmull writes, “If there are people in the organization who feel they are not free to suggest ideas, you lose.”

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