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4 Ways Husbands and Fathers Are Paving the Road For Female Leaders

Daymond John

By Sara Magulis (original source Huffington Post) 

“Since Kevin O’Leary first broke the news that his woman-led companies are responsible for ALL his investment portfolio returns, I’ve seen a lot more information surface (or resurface) on the advantages of diversity in leadership roles.

For example, a 2012 report by Dow Jones found that successful, venture-backed start-ups have a higher median proportion of female executives at 7.1 percent, compared to unsuccessful start-ups with just 3.1 percent. This March, Quantopian, a Boston-based trading platform ran a comparison of the performance of women-led Fortune 1000 companies vs the male-dominated S&P 500, over 12 years from 2002-14. The women-led group performed three times better. Three times!”

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