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6 Reasons The U.S. Economy Is Thriving, According To Star Economist Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz

By David Harris (Original content CRN)

“Americans are grappling with rapid technological change and growing political turmoil. But the U.S. is also in the midst of a golden age of prosperity, said Todd Buchholz, a former White House economic adviser, Harvard professor and managing director at hedge fund juggernaut Tiger Management, at The Channel Company’s 2019 Best of Breed (BoB) Conference.

A combination of low inflation, low interest rates and oil prices that aren’t too high are benefiting the economy, Buchholz said. And although President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is a potential risk, Buchholz said that his forecast for the larger economy is “fairly optimistic.”

Here are six reasons Buchholz has a rosy economic outlook.”

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