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7 Things That Make Bob Woodward The Most Influential Journalist Of Our Age

Bob Woodward

By Kevin & Jackie Frieberg (Original source Forbes)

“Recently, we had a unique opportunity to hear Bob Woodward, one of the most celebrated journalists of our time, talk about current affairs and the research behind his bestselling books, including his most recent book, Fear: Trump In The White House.

Woodward, a long-time friend of Sundance founder, activist, and actor, director, producer, Robert Redford, spoke at an author series hosted by the Sundance Resort. Redford’s son-in-law, Eric Schlosser, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, engaged Woodward in a 90-minute interview followed by questions and answers.

Jaded by so much of the demonizing that goes on in the media, we were prepared to hear a left-leaning, disparaging commentary on Trump. Instead, we were treated to a parade of entertaining, behind the scenes stories and sage-like wisdom from Woodward’s research on history and leadership. He has written about nine of the most recent presidents, from Nixon to Trump.”

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