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Allen West: Constitutional Conservatism on Trial

Congressman Allen B. West

By Allen West (original source CNS News)

“Imagine we are in a court of law, that we have gone through a lengthy trial, and it is now time for closing arguments. On one side we have the plaintiff, progressive socialism, and on the other side there is the defendant, constitutional conservatism. Progressive socialism has brought a lawsuit against constitutional conservatism demanding control/power. Progressive socialism makes the claim that their ideological agenda is better, and the jury, the American people, must decide the case.

The legal representation for progressive socialism steps up to make their closing argument; the court room is still … and then it begins. The presentation is centered on the seminal assertion that it is not up to the individual to determine their level of success of achievement. It is the inherent right of progressive socialism to determine outcomes based upon their definition of fairness. The talking head for the plaintiff uses a quote of “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.” The presentation emphasizes that the focused redistribution of wealth from certain people identified as one-percenters is the best means to grow an economy – again, based upon fairness. There are certain ideals advocated such as universal basic income, free money, and how that can enable those less fortunate. There is a need for a single-payer healthcare system that will force everyone onto a government-run system, taking away any chance for an individual to decide what is best for their own healthcare.”

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