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Arts Meets Science and Chemistry Wins the Day

Paul Romer

By Vincent M. Mallozzi (Original source NY Times)

“Forgive Paul M. Romer for turning two of the greatest days of his life into a one-day event. He was just being economical.

Mr. Romer, who was until January the chief economist of the World Bank in Washington, was married Monday to Caroline Weber, an author and full professor of French Literature at Barnard College, Columbia, in a celebration ceremony at the Anglican Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Sigfrid in Stockholm.

The bride, radiant in an aqua-colored caftan by Oscar de la Renta, and groom, stately in white tie and tails, exchanged ceremonial vows before the Rev. Nicholas Howe, an Anglican priest, and 16 family members, including the couple’s parents, as well as five of Mr. Romer’s six siblings and both of his children.

Later in the day, the couple arrived at the Stockholm Concert Hall for a different kind of reception, one filled with celebratory applause and presentation speeches, a diploma and a medal that His Majesty, the King of Sweden, gave Mr. Romer, who is a co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.”

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