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As Wisconsin goes, so goes the nation

Governor Scott Walker

By Scott Walker (Original source Washington Times)

‘“Donald Trump won. We didn’t need WikiLeaks. We had Wisconsin.” — Kellyanne Conway on ABC’s “This Week” last Sunday.

President Donald Trump carried Wisconsin in 2016 for three main reasons:

1) The forgotten men and women found a voice in Mr. Trump. Many of the people outside of large urban areas like Milwaukee and Madison have felt ignored by the politicians in Washington. In a politically correct world, these voters like someone who tells it like it is.

2) The vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court was a big concern to many conservative voters. They were convinced when candidate Donald Trump released the list of potential jurists who had been vetted by the Federalist Society. A presidential term is four years but a spot on the Supreme Court can last a lifetime (Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was nominated by President Ronald Reagan the year I graduated from high school).”

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