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Ben Parr Ranked #54 of Top-100 Social Media Power Influencers in 2015

Ben Parr

(original source Stat Social)

“Take a look below for this year’s list of movers and shakers. As you go through it, you will notice many similarities to the lists of previous years, but also some striking differences. Thanks to some remarkable recent advances in StatSocial’s technology, this year’s list features a very granular analysis of follower communities cultivated by these social-media leaders.

In the past, some people questioned the usefulness of an influencers’ power list. Why bother compiling lists? Are they just click-bait? What should the criteria for inclusion be? If the primary criterion for ranking is the sheer number of followers, won’t the list omit influential authors of relatively small but choice followings, and who should make the list nonetheless, thanks to the quality, rather than the number, of their followers?”

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