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Biden is in, but Bernie reigns

Niall Ferguson

By Niall Ferguson (Original source Boston Globe)

“The preacher asked that there be silence, please.

“If any objections to this wedding,
Speak now or forever, forever hold your peace.”
And I stood up and said:
“It should have been me!
No, oh, it should have been me!”
Jumped out of my seat and screamed, “It should have been me!
. . . Somebody call the police —
That woman down there is a doggone thief!”

Yvonne Fair’s It Should Have Been Me is one of the great 1970s soul hits. It was also my introduction to counterfactual history. To this day, I’m haunted by the thought of Yvonne leaping from her pew to present the startled congregation with a classic “what if?” argument: but for that woman, I’d be the one walking down the aisle.”

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