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Biden’s political Mardi Gras

Charlie Hurt

Say goodbye to “voodoo economics.” Say hello to black magic politics, astrological financing and ouija board diplomacy! President Biden last night proved himself the unrivaled wizard of political sorcery, shape-shifting and truth vaporization.

It was a political Mardi Gras of lies.

“We come from the land of corporate America,” he said to a puzzled gathering of Congress. Democrats weren’t sure if they were supposed to stand up. Republicans weren’t sure if they were supposed to clap.

“I’m a capitalist!” he announced, further confusing everyone.

“But capitalism without competition is not capitalism. Capitalism without competition is exploitation — it drives up profits! When corporations have to compete, their profits go up. And your prices go up when they don’t have to compete.” (No, you are not lost. It makes no sense.)

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