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Brexit Could Be Britain’s Gift To A Revitalized Europe

Dr. Harry G. Broadman

By Harry G. Broadman (original source Forbes) 

“Who knew the Brits would willy-nilly want to help the European Union (EU) solve its own dilemma?  The simple fact is that the EU needed Britain far more than the Brits needed the EU. With its ‘Brexit’ vote to leave the EU, the U.K. may well be the ‘disruptor’ that Europe needs to finally take serious actions to rekindle sustained growth.

Sooner or later the population of an EU member would reach a tipping point and vote with their feet about the failings of Europe’s increasingly hodgepodge single market political economy ‘experiment’.   Indeed, it really should be little surprise that a centralized governance regime comprised of 28 separate countries, many of whom, especially the more recent ascendants, have greater fundamental differences among them than they have in common, would prove to be unstable.”

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