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Cadillac Ad Starring Steve Wozniak Racks Up Nearly 1.5M Views in First Week

Steve Wozniak

Cadillac launched their ‘Dare Greatly’ ad campaign and new brand identity during coverage of the 87th annual Academy Awards last month in an attempt to reignite the Cadillac fire in consumers’ minds. Brand CMO Uwe Ellinghaus previously said he believed the company had a “relevancy problem” and the new ads are his way of addressing the issue.

Based on views alone, Cadillac’s Dare Greatly campaign seems to be a success. The 30-second sport starring Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has racked up 1,435,138 views on YouTube to date, Automotive News reports, more than the other Dare Greatly ads starring Jason Wu and Njeri Rionge. The Dare Greatly ad was only beat out by Mazda’s ad starring Penn & Teller, which racked up over 3 million views this past week.

It’s hard to say if ‘Dare Greatly’ is reaching the age demographic Cadillac is hoping for, but considering the amount of millennials on the internet, we’d be surprised to hear the majority of those million plus views weren’t from young people. Only time will tell if the ads resonated with viewers, but in the mean time, check out Wozniak’s Cadillac spot in the video below and feel free to share your thoughts on the campaign in the comments.


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