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Caitlin Rivers: New WWSG Exclusive Speaker

Caitlin Rivers, PhD, MPH

Caitlin Rivers is an infectious disease epidemiologist and faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Rivers’ work focuses on pandemic preparedness, response, and health security policy.

Dr. Rivers is a proponent of advancing our national capabilities for outbreak data, analytics and modeling. Notably, she advocates for the creation of a national infectious disease forecasting center, akin to the National Weather Service. She has written related op-eds and articles on improving use of outbreak data and analytics, and is a leading researcher in this area.

Dr. Rivers has helped to guide the US response to COVID-19, including through the publication of influential reports and op-eds, including “National Coronavirus Response: A Roadmap to Reopening,” which was referenced on FAQ embedded in every New York Times story on coronavirus during spring of 2020.

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