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Carly Fiorina Forms New Political Action Committee

Carly Fiorina

Supporters of former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced the establishment of a new super PAC Tuesday to support a possible GOP presidential candidacy by the former Senate candidate from California.

The new organization, Carly For America, is designed to “build conservative support and help lay the groundwork for a potential presidential candidacy,” said Steve DeMaura, the PAC’s executive director.

The announcement was sent via e-mail to potential supporters Tuesday evening, two days before Fiorina is due to address the Conservative Political Action Conference that meets in Washington.

In the e-mail, DeMaura said that Fiorina received a strong response to the PAC she formed in 2014 called “Unlocking Potential,” also a super PAC that could collect unlimited donations from individuals, unions and corporations. That super PAC was set up to galvanize women voters and boost the Republican ground game. It provided modest support to several GOP Senate campaigns.

“This is an entirely new effort being brought forward by Carly’s supporters because they’d like to see her run for president,” DeMaura said of Carly For America on Tuesday evening.

An accompanying press release announced new staff for the organization, including William B. Canfield, who will serve as general counsel; Greg Mueller, a former senior adviser to the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes, who will serve as president.

Like other potential candidates in 2016, Fiorina is not yet saying whether she will actually run. That decision may coincide with the upcoming release of her second book, “Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey.”

In a new video, Fiorina touts her rise from secretary to Silicon Valley CEO and offers viewers a look at a determined and resolute conservative.

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