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Carly Fiorina on Trump: ‘I don’t think he has been a business leader, actually. I think he’s been a very fine entertainer and manager of his brand.’

Carly Fiorina

By David Montgomery (Original source Washington Post)

“After Carly Fiorina, 65, ended her GOP presidential primary run in 2016, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard dedicated herself to leadership training. Despite a recent microburst of media speculation that she might launch a primary challenge to President Trump, she has “no plans” to run, according to a source close to her. But when we spoke a few days before the latest headlines about her, Fiorina had plenty of thoughts about politics, Trump and her recent book on unlocking personal potential, “Find Your Way.”

Can you talk a little bit about that process of deciding what would be next for you?”

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