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CCIEE to Work with Paulson Institute to Fight Air Pollution

The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

By: Karen Gosel

(Perfect Science) – International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) said that the comprehensive association with the mission of promoting international economic research will work together Paulson Institute of the United States to fight air pollution.

Henry Paulson, former United State Secretary of the Treasury and current chairman of the Paulson Institute, visited Baoding in Hebei Province to know about air pollution in the city. During the visit, Paulson said, “The Paulson Institute has been committed to promoting Sino-U.S. ties in the fields of economics and environmental protection and hopes to provide as much assistance as it can to the air pollution efforts in Hebei”.

During the visit, Paulson also met China’s Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli at a separate meeting on Tuesday. The leader expressed similar hopes that the association has the ability to make new progress in advancing bilateral ties in trade and environmental protection.

he Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area is the country’s major heavy industrial bases. The area has been struggling with the worst air pollution in China from a long time. As per the newest air quality data released, China’s Hebei Province had some of the highest rates of air pollution. Among the ten cities with the worst air pollution, the province had six cities.

In 2014, the Paulson Institute had launched the Climate Change and Air Pollution Plan whose main motive was to solve China’s air pollution problem through research, analysis and pilot programs. In 2011, the Paulson institute had entered collaboration with the CCIEE to work on the country’s sustainable initiatives and urbanization drive.

While talking about the meeting, a senior fellow at the Paulson Institute Deborah Lehr said that there was a complete change in the approach of Chinese leaders. It looked like they have now recognized the necessity of sustainability, Lehr said.

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