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CNN Correspondent Warns Covid Lockdown In Shanghai This Year Will Be Worse Than In Wuhan In 2020

David Culver

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CNN correspondent David Culver warned on Monday that the coronavirus lockdown in Shanghai this year will be worse than the one in Wuhan in 2020, when and where the pandemic began.

Through the lockdowns, China is seeking to eradicate Covid.

“Anger, frustration, outrage growing in Shanghai in China, a city of 25 million people and locked up in their homes sense the end of March as a surge in Covid cases led officials to impose these hard lockdowns under China’s strict zero covid policy,” said New Day co-host John Berman. “Residents there in need of food, medicine, other supplies. They’re pushing back against the lockdown.”

Berman then brought in Culver and remarked, “There is some sign that China is responding to this pushback.”

“Let’s hope, John, at least in words. You and I were talking more than two-and-a-half years ago and the Wuhan lockdown at that time was really the most pressing issue,” said Culver, reporting from Shanghai. “Well, if you think Wuhan 2020 was bad, welcome to Shanghai 2022. This has been like no other lockdown. And it’s in the country’s cosmopolitan and affluent financial hub of all places.”

Culver recalled that authorities were taping up his and his neighbors’ doors. He also said that the food shortages [in Shanghai] have worsened” as people have been unable to get food and deliverers have been “locked down.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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