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Collaboration is Key to fix King County’s homelessness Crisis

Ambassador Gary Locke

By Gary Locke & Ron Sims (Original source The Seattle Times)

“More than 11,000 people are experiencing homelessness in King County and Seattle. That is a big problem — but communities around the country have implemented effective policies and solutions, and so can we.

As former executives of King County, we know firsthand that past local efforts have been well-intentioned, but our fragmented and siloed approach has failed to address a problem of this complexity and scale. Now we know what needs to be done to make this work.

The first step is to form a regional homelessness authority that consolidates funding and policy, makes services accessible countywide, brings a diverse set of voices and perspectives together to inform solutions, and uses real-time data to drive action — all to make significant reductions in people experiencing homelessness. It is time for King County to come together as a region around an approach that works for us — one that, as The Seattle Times editorial board recently pointed out, will help us better understand the scope and complexities of this issue and make for a more effective response.”

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