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Congressional Republicans ready to put forth a simpler, pro-growth tax code

Senator Dean Heller

By Dean Heller (Original source Review Journal)

“In Springfield, Mo., President Donald Trump recently delivered a speech outlining his key principles for tax relief with the goal of bringing back Main Street and putting American workers first. It was a high-energy pitch that many of us in Nevada were waiting to hear.

For too long, Nevada’s small businesses and companies have been at a disadvantage due to onerous Obama-era regulations and burdensome taxes. In fact, in my time around the state, the No. 1 challenge employers tell me they face is that our country’s broken tax code makes it difficult to compete on the international stage and put more workers on their payroll.

For example, a Nevada business owner told me that our tax system makes it difficult for him to compete, so he urged lower rates and a simplified regulatory framework. Another Nevadan wrote me and said that we need to fix our tax code to attract businesses to the United States and drive up wages for American workers.”

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