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CUNA Releases Strategic Plan

The Honorable Jim Nussle

By Elizabeth Peace (original source Credit Union Times) 

“In a letter sent to credit union members obtained by CU Times, CUNA revealed its 2015-2017 Strategic Plan, in which CEO/president Jim Nussle detailed how he plans to fulfill the three clear mandates he received from the board when he signed his contract last September.

Nussle wrote that success means growing and thriving, and he further detailed the trade’s 360-degree advocacy strategy to remove legislative barriers to members and to help credit unions grow. Nussle called the CUNA-League system unmatched and said his goal is to have 100% of member dues dedicated to advocacy. Suncoast CEO Tom Dorety, chairman of CUNA’s System Structure and Governance Task Force, first shared that shift in members dues with CU Times in May, after the task force released its findings during a credit union roundtable meeting.”

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