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Democrats should accept the conclusions of the Mueller report

Sean Spicer

By Sean Spicer (Original source USA Today)

“It’s time for Democrats to stop grandstanding, accept the conclusions of the Mueller report, and focus on the real problems facing our country.

Rather than accept the unambiguously good news that there was no collusion, the Democrats in Congress demanded that Attorney General Bill Barr violate both the law and Department of Justice regulations by releasing an unredacted version of the Mueller report — then accused him of orchestrating a cover-up when he rightly refused that impossible ultimatum.

Grand jury testimony is, by law, forbidden to be released in such reports, and sensitive national security issues are redacted for obvious reasons. By asking Barr to release this information, they are asking him to violate a law Congress itself passed. If the Democrats are successful in unsealing the redactions, they will frame possibly innocent people of crimes and endanger the intelligence community’s efforts to combat Russian interference.”

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