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Draw Your Elevator Pitch

Liza Donnelly

(original source HBR)

“When it comes to a good elevator pitch, brevity and memorability are everything. Most elevator pitches are neither.

One of us (Liza) is a staff cartoonist for the New Yorker, while the other (Deb) is a mentor to many start-up founders.  We got to talking about the problem of crafting a brief, memorable pitch, and the impact of powerful visuals — and began discussing how any new venture or project could benefit from a pithy cartoon that sums up its value proposition. After all, most people are visual learners. And many people — Deb included — turn first to the cartoons when they get their copy of the New Yorker. So why shouldn’t entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs use that human impulse to their advantage?

We see five reasons that cartoons can convey ideas and start conversations better than traditional elevator pitches:”

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