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Even I get overwhelmed by politics – here’s what I do when I need a break

The Honorable Newt Gingrich

By Newt Gingrich (Original source Fox News)

“Most any person who keeps up with American politics today – and wants to keep his or her sanity – must, from time to time, step away from the news-social media idea storm and engage a diversion.

For me, the ideal diversion is watching movies. I have always loved film and I’ve often found that really good movies help me understand and appreciate life and other perspectives in unique ways. This has been true since I was a child growing up around Army bases across the world – and it’s still true today.

As I travel back and forth from Rome, Italy, to Washington, D.C., I often watch two or three movies on the flight. It helps clear my head so I can be effective once I land. This is the topic of this week’s “Newt’s World” episode. I share my favorite movies of all time – and recommend some of the classics I encourage you to check out. I hope you will listen.

This may seem like a lark, but I think movies are a defining part of our American culture. Movies allow us to travel the world, experience tragedy, love, anger and nearly every other emotion. They help us understand a world of good vs. evil — and the necessity that good must act to defeat evil. And sometimes they reflect a moment in time, so we can gain a better understanding of history.”

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