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Every Piece Of Liberty United Jewelry Helps Save Someone From Gun Violence

Peter Thum

(Forbes) – Every single day in the U.S., 48 children and teens are shot on average. Every day, two of them die as a result of the bullets.

The Brady Campaign calculates that every single day, 297 people of all ages in the United States of America are shot. Eighty-nine of these people die. Every day.

It’s been more than 30 years since an attempt was made on President Ronald Reagan’s life and Jim Brady was shot. Since that day, the Brady Campaign has been on a quest to prevent gun violence.

While the attempt on Reagan feels like ancient history, current events have certainly once again put gun violence on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Liberty United is a jewelry brand that exists to tell the powerful story of illegal guns: this jewelry, made from the metal of illegal guns and bullets taken right off of American streets, is here to help become a solution. Up to 25 percent of its profits are contributed to programs that help stop gun violence in communities across the country.

In other words: every purchase of this fashionable jewelry helps stop gun violence in America.

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