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Ex-Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager: What I Wish I Knew About Russian Hacks

Robby Mook

By Robby Mook (original source Fortune)

“I ran a $1 billion start-up called HFACC, Inc., more commonly known as Hillary for America. Hacking was a problem for us, as most people reading this probably know. The campaign itself was never breached (we think), but the files and emails of multiple employee’s private accounts and our sister organization, the Democratic National Committee, were stolen by Russian agents. The impact on the campaign was devastating.

The Democratic Party hack is well known, but most incidents of cybercrime are a kept secret for fear of litigation or public embarrassment. This silence creates the impression that hacks are rare, which they aren’t, and leaves executives with little perspective from which to act; this was my situation when our campaign launched April 2015. Others can’t share their stories, but I can, which is why I want to share my lessons learned.”

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