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Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Joins List of Keynote Speakers at IHS CERAWeek 2015

The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Henry Paulson, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, has joined the list of distinguished speakers at IHS CERAWeek 2015, the world’s preeminent energy conference, April 20-24 at the Hilton Americas—Houston. Mr. Paulson will deliver keynote remarks on lessons from his new book, Dealing with China, as well as the state of the global economy.

During his career in both the public and private sectors, Mr. Paulson had a pivotal role in opening up China to private enterprise. As Treasury Secretary, he created the Strategic Economic Dialogue with China and negotiated with China on needed economic reforms while also safeguarding the teetering U.S. financial system during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

“We are honored to have Mr. Paulson join us as a keynote speaker at IHS CERAWeek 2015,” said Daniel Yergin, conference chairman. “From his distinguished career at the heights of business, economics and statecraft and his unique understanding of the rise of the world’s second largest economy, Mr. Paulson offers invaluable insight on relations with China—America’s most important relationship in the world—as well as on the lessons from the last seven years of turmoil in the world economy. These are issues of critical importance for the energy industry.”

In his new book, Secretary Paulson writes that China “has become as much a source of concern as of awe.” While China’s development “has made substantial contributions to economic growth, job creation, and prosperity” in both the United States and China, “now no shortage of Americans wonder: What do the Chinese really want? Why are they spending so much money on their military? Are they friends or enemies, trading partners or commercial and political adversaries? In short, how do we deal with China?”

At CERAWeek, in one of his first public discussions of his new book, Secretary Paulson will share his thinking on that question and sketch out the path forward.

IHS CERAWeek is recognized as a leading forum offering insight into the energy future. Chaired by IHS Vice Chairman and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Daniel Yergin, IHS CERAWeek 2015, Turning Point: Energy’s New World will convene more than 2,800 delegates from more than 50 countries and more than 300 speakers to examine the new risks and realities to be faced in energy markets, technologies and geopolitics.

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