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Four ways Trump’s first year has made us less safe

Jen Psaki

By Jen Psaki (original source CNN)

“The Trump team, like so many administrations before them, has been preparing to sell the accomplishments of its first year in office. If the government shuts down, these efforts won’t matter because it will all be overshadowed by the impact of the loss of government services on the public and a debate about who is responsible.

But if not, we already know basically what they will say: Donald Trump and the Republican leadership are responsible for an economic boom that is helping working people, for the record highs of the stock market and the low unemployment rate. They will not mention that many economists credit the unemployment and job growth trends to developments already underway during the eight-year recovery of the Obama presidency. And as for the stock market surge,many attribute the bump to an increase in Boeing profits and the windfall to corporations from the tax bill — not to any Trump-devised policy that will help working people in the long run.”

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