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Gingrich: Clinton must be ‘darn worried’ about populist ‘tidal wave’ after Brexit

The Honorable Newt Gingrich

(Washington Examiner) – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union was a warning for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s general election hopes.

During a Facebook Live Q&A, Gingrich said that Clinton should be “pretty darn worried” about her chances in November as a “tidal wave” of populism could sweep her up and deliver the election to Donald Trump, equating it to the vote in the United Kingdom.

“I suspect after the Brexit result that Hillary Clinton has to be pretty darn worried that there just might be a tidal wave building of populist, anti-establishment feeling, and she clearly is the establishment,” Gingrich said. “There is no possible way that Secretary Clinton will be able to hide from being the establishment candidate.”

The former speaker argued that the issues of terrorism and “uncontrolled” immigration were the two major factors, adding that the vote to leave likely would never have happened without both issues taking hold with the electorate. He also touched upon the potential turnout for November’s election, telling those watching that a Trump/Clinton matchup could rake in the highest turnout in modern history.

“I think it will be very high. Maybe the highest in modern times,” Gingrich said. “Certainly the highest, I’d say, since 1940 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie each set records for the total vote as a percent of population at the time.”

Gingrich also laid responsibility at the feet of Clinton and President Obama for the Brexit, saying they could have made the “marginal difference” in the decision amongst Britons. Obama had been an outspoken advocate of the U.K. remaining in the EU, making that clear during a visit to London in April.

“I suspect that when President Obama went over to Great Britain that he actually increased the sense of anti-elitist feeling,” Gingrich said, citing that feeling as a top reason for the Brexit.

“And then of course Secretary Clinton followed him and issued a statement opposing leaving Great Britain. You now had two leading Americans dictating to the British what they should do — they may frankly have been the marginal difference.”

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