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Good riddance to James Comey, Obama’s enabler

Matt Schlapp

By Matt Schlapp (original source The Hill)

“I have to hand it to the Democrats; they had a good week.

They believe in many conspiracy theories, including the humdinger that FBI Director — I mean, former Director — Jim Comey’s intervention in the last days of the presidential election swung just enough votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to deny Hillary Clinton her slam-dunk legacy as the head of the White House’s “frequent flyer” travel office.

Many Democrats will never accept the legitimacy of President Trump, so they have a nationwide movement to collectively put their heads under the covers. Jim Comey is the Benedict Arnold in their progressive revolution, and all expected Comey to be dismissed from his job right after Secretary Clinton raised her right hand. The Democrats benefited twice from the most tumultuous week in U.S. politics that I can recall, at least since the week before: Comey was sacked; and Trump was pillaged by the swamp.”

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