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Growing confidence in the economy and the labor market

Governor Scott Walker

By Scott Walker (Washington Times)

“Ben will start working at Northwestern Mutual this Monday. I met him this past Tuesday along with other graduates of and students at devCodeCamp. The program is a 12-week boot camp to learn the nuts and bolts of software engineering.

Prior to enrolling in the program, Ben was selling smartphones and equipment. He wanted to expand his opportunities for an exciting new career.

Ben’s story is consistent as more than 90 percent of the students in his program will successfully find employment after graduation. Without a doubt, that is a tribute to the people involved with devCodeCamp. But the larger story is the growing economy and its impact on the labor market.

During the past year, more people were employed in Wisconsin than ever before in the history of the state. Throughout the same time period, the unemployment rate was at or below the previous record low of 3 percent for 12 months in a row.”

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