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“Mastering Growth Forum” Co-Sponsored by HSBC and The Financial Times

Dr. Harry G. Broadman

(HSBC and The Financial Times– Harvard Club of New York City

The formation of new South-South trading routes, linking Asia with the Middle East, Emerging Europe, Africa and Latin America is revolutionizing the global economy.  Slower growth in the developed world combined with rising consumption and growing middle class, demographics and demand for raw materials is leading emerging markets to create mutually beneficial economic and financial connections between each other, which are fundamentally reshaping traditional patterns of world trade.

For businesses and institutions this presents new opportunities for global growth and expansion, tapping into the dynamics of this high potential trade corridor.  The stakes are high with ongoing social, political and economic challenges existing between emerging nations.  How do you balance the rewards versus the risks to maximize the growth possibilities of South-South trade?

Last month the Financial Times and HSBC bought together a panel of distinguished speakers to discuss how global organizations can maximize the potential that South-South trade offers and how to craft strategies for successful growth in this new world economy. The well-attended event facilitated candid and informative discussion on developing and delivering future strategies.

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