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Her First Anti-Obama Rant Went Mega Viral… Her Latest Obama SLAM Set The Web On Fire

Tomi Lahren

(Conservative Tribune) – This summer, Tomi Lahren, a former anchor for One America News Network’s “On Point,” became a viral sensation after she unleashed a rant against President Barack Obama and his “half-baked” policies against the Islamic State group.

Months later, working as a political commentator for TheBlaze, Lahren has once again captured the nation’s attention when, a day after President Obama delivered a speech from the Oval Office, she uploaded yet another bombshell rant to the Internet.

“Keep the hands of our armed forces tied, train moderates, open our borders, restrict guns from law-abiders and cuddle Muslims — that cover it?” she fiercely began. “Yes, last night from the West Wing of the White House, our commander in chief addressed the nation about steps our government is taking to fulfill his highest priority — Muslim sensitivity.”

Specifically, Obama spent a lot of time complaining about anti-Muslim backlash and alleged Islamophobia.

He also argued that we need to effectively disarm Americans, but as Lahren astutely pointed out, “Guns don’t read the Quran and become radicalized; terrorists do.”

Moreover, the San Bernardino shooters Obama referenced in his speech had more than just guns at their disposal; they also had pipe bombs and explosives.

“The day you convince Islamic terrorists to follow our gun laws, I will eat my words,” Lahren continued. “Until then, leave our guns out of it.”

Lahren went on to blast Obama for refusing to “unleash our military” on the Islamic State group. But don’t take our word for it; you can hear her for yourself: Click here to watch the video.

Last but not least, Lahren admitted that America contains many everyday Muslims who possess no ties to radical Islamic, but then pointed out that Obama’s “social justice” garbage is causing people to fear pointing out the ones who seem in fact to be radicalized.

“You, Mr. President, taught us that reporting suspicious activity will result in a $15 million dollar lawsuit for the whisteblower and an invite to the White House for the suspect,” she correctly explained.

All Obama did the other night was spew his usual dose of smoke and mirrors, which just goes to show that Lahren hit the nail on the head when she concluded that America cannot begin to resolve its problems until the day he finally vacates his undeserved throne.

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